Santos ice cruscher#53 刨冰机
1 强劲、高效、可靠
2 一键操控;
3 超高产能:简单快速制作1.2kg碎冰只需30秒;
4 高负荷、超静音马达;
5 1.2kg大容量冰块盒:轻松应对大量、集中制冰需求。


1 Powerful, efficient and reliable
2 Makes both fine and coarse ice in just one touch of a button
3 Exceptional output: simply and quickly makes 1.2kg of crushed ice in 30 seconds
4 It is equipped with heavy duty and quiet asynchronous motor
5 It is adapted to intensive use and allows hands free use thanks to its high capacity ice cube tank (1.2kg)

功率:220-240V – 50.60Hz – 130W - CE
W*D*H: 236*353*474mm


Brushless Blender # 62
1 高能效,超静音,易于使用。
2 完美的应用于制作冰沙及冰饮,
3 它的隔音罩降低噪音....

高度:440mm / 宽度:200mm / 深度:247mm

1 The brushless Blender fits everywhere thanks to its sober design and its low overall dimensions.
2 It can be used equally in its standard version or in-counter version to save space.
3 Its sound enclosure reduce the noise levels....